The Farmer's Apprentice

Chef Alden Ong on why he loves Radicchio: “Radicchio represents a good balance between bitter and sweet depending on how you prepare it, which I really like. I grew up in Manila where there are no hearty winter bitter greens/vegetables, where salad is mostly lettuce and imported endive from a box is the only option for radicchio.  So it was eye opening to see all these beautiful varieties of radicchio that we have. Working with then is a whole new other pleasure. 

Charring them and marinating them in a sweet acidic vinaigrette is my go to. I personally like them with a creamy dressing, with anchovies or miso or something with umami. Because of its heartiness and structure, you can do so much other than dress it as a salad. I think people should eat more of it.”


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