Radicchio, and the broader family of chicories, are well-suited to British Columbia’s South Coast, and do particularly well in the region’s long, mild fall and moderate winter months. Many modern varieties are easy to grow, while some take skill and planning to achieve a successful crop. The most common radicchio varieties were developed in Italy and bear the name of their region of origin. Most chicories are known for their bitter flavour and red-and-white radicchios are, perhaps, the most well-known of this family. Many radicchio varieties perform best with summer plantings and mature as days shorten and temperatures fall, mellowing out the plant’s bitterness. Some varieties are deprived of light as they mature to achieve a more pronounced contrast of colours. Other varieties develop their blanched colour contrast underneath a dense wrapping of outer leaves. As a result, radicchio makes an ideal fall and winter salad ingredient with stunning colours, tender textures and vibrant flavours.