Square Root Farm

Square Root Farm is a small farm on the Saanich Peninsula run by partners Chrystal and Ilya along with our hard-working seasonal farm-hands. We grow on about 2 acres of rich, wet clay soil that we enrich with compost and thick cover-crops of rye, pea, vetch and clover.

We got into farming back in 2006 with a little experience and a lot of ambition. From that muddy yet lively start until now, we have always tried our best to find vegetable varieties we think have the best flavour. Inspired by a trip to Italy and many trips to a legendary Italian deli we dove into farming with a love for the chicory family of vegetables. The flavours blew us away (and it helped that they were one of the few things we could confidently grow on our cold wet rented Vancouver Island field). We have loved introducing people to these flavours and watching interest in them grow, and also laughing about some of the few failed attempts to make people like them.  We are proud that our farm is certified-organic with IOPA (Islands Organic Producers Association).